How can we help you?

Family Resource Center

How can we help you?

The Family Resource Center is here to support parents of children with developmental disabilities in many ways:

  • FRC Coordinators: can provide you with practical information and support while you are navigating the system of care for your child and can help you build skills to advocate for your child’s needs.  Call or email the team to get connected.
  • Parent Trainings: learn about transitioning from Early Start to school district services, what GGRC offers, and other topics.  Visit our calendar for upcoming events.
  • Support Groups: meet and learn from parents who are going through the same journey as you in our monthly support groups.

Who do we work with?

In California, there are 47 Early Start Family Resource Centers that are part of the Early Start Program, funded by the Department of Developmental Services. Staffed by families of children with developmental disabilities, family resource centers offer parent-to-parent support and help parents, families, and children locate and use needed services. The San Mateo County Family Resource Center is located in the McCarthy Children’s Services building at AbilityPath and provides services to all the residents of San Mateo County. We are also affiliated with the First 5 Program of California that provides services and funding for children from birth to 5 years of age.

How to get started?

Please contact us online, call us at 650-259-0189, or email us at

You can also sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to receive information about community events, trainings, and other FRC news.